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Oregon nursing home abuse assistance

Nursing home abuse involving Oregon nursing homes should be reported.  Below are the names of state officials to whom you may report nursing home abuse or neglect.

State Long Term Care Ombudsman
Meredith Cote
State LTC Ombudsman
Oregon Office of the LTC Ombudsman
3855 Wolverine NE
Suite 6
Salem, OR 97305-1251
Work: (503)378-6533
Fax: (503)373-0852
Office on Aging
James Toews
Interim Director
Seniors and People w/Disabilities
Oregon Dept. of Human Services
500 Summer Street, NE
E 13
Salem, OR 97301-1073
Work: (503)945-5811
Fax: (503)373-7823
Licensure and Certifications
Elaine Young
Nursing Facility Program Unit
Health Care Licensure & Cert.
OR Dept. of Human Services
500 Summer St., NE, E-13
Salem, OR 97310-1015
Work: (503)945-6456
Fax: (503)378-8966
Medicaid Fraud Unit Control
Ellyn Sternfield
Medicaid Fraud Control Unit of Oregon
Department of Justice
1515 SW 5th Avenue
Suite 410
Portland, OR 97204-1818
Work: (503)229-5725
Fax: (503)229-5120
Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrator
Barbara Orazio
Executive Officer
Board of Examiners of NHA
800 NE Oregon
Suite 407
Portland, OR 97232
Work: (503)731-4046
Fax: (503)731-4207
Medicaid Agency
Hersh Crawford
Oregon Department of Human Services
Senior & Disabled Svcs. Div.
500 Summer Street, NE
Salem, OR 07301-1097
Work: (503)945-5767
Fax: (503)373-7689
Quality Improvement Organization
Jon Mitchell
President and CEO
Oregon Medical Professional Review Org.
2020 SW 4th
Suite 520
Portland, OR 97201-4960
Work: (503)279-0100
Fax: (503)279-0190
Protection and Advocacy System
Robert Joondeph
Executive Director
Oregon Advocacy Center
620 SW Fifth Avenue
5th Floor
Portland, OR 97204-1428
Work: (503)243-2081
Fax: (503)243-1738
Adult Protective Service Agency
Eva Kutas
Oregon Department of Human Services
Senior Services Division
P.O. Box 14250
Salem, OR 97309-0740
Work: (503)945-9491
Fax: (503)945-9893